Hvar ert þú nú?

I created all the visuals for a campaign promoting the short film 'Hvar ert þú nú?' which translates to 'Where are you now?' The film is about Kristinn Þór, who took his own life last year. Kristinn was the director's best friend, and the film is his way of remembering and keeping Kristinn's memory alive."

The client had a vision for the main poster of the film. They wanted to use a watercolour artwork with a frame around it. However, for all other visuals, they were open to anything.

For the second visual direction I took inspiration from the actual film.

The classic

to match the classic look of the artwork
This direction we used for the main ads

The client wanted a classic visual for the poster and bus ads. A direction that showed some seriousness.

the bold one

I created all visuals for a campaign promoting a short film by the name "Hvar ert þú nú?" translates to "Where are you now?". They wanted to use a water color artwork that was created for the film as the main poster and ad for the film, but for Social Media and all other visuals they were open for anything.

Posters and ads


Social Media