the logo

The name Mistrið means “the mist” which references the distorted and uncertain vision people have reported feeling after losing a loved one. The mist limits ones vision, no matter what is in front of you the mist makes it hard to see.

The logo is full of contrast which represents the contrasted emotions of grief.

the tears
the love
the hope

the colours

The concept of the brand identity is the complexity of the grief emotions. Each of the colours therefore represent a certain feeling but since people rarely experience only one feeling at a time the colours can be used as a gradient.

the font







the image style

For the image style, we use photos of nature to portray emotions, with a light gradient overlay. Since Mistrið focuses on meeting its customers where they are emotionally, the images should not convey too much explicit information. The images we select should be open to interpretation regarding the feelings they portray.

examples of use

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