Storm Rider is a small equestrian equipment start-up company in Iceland. They sell their products through their “not so active” Facebook page, but they have managed to sell a lot of products simply through word of mouth. I have worked with them, helping them form their brand, and get ready to launch a website and get their company to the next level.




< This is the moodboard I created for them. The words we chose to describe the brand were: Confident, Depandable & Mysterious

The Brand Personality & Tone of Voice

Storm Riders brand archetype is the Explorer with a hint of the Outlaw. The Storm Rider is the independent explorer, the wanderer, the seeker. He is adventurous, longs to be in nature. He has a hint of the outlaw, with his rebellious, viking energy.

The Tone of Voice is not too serious, light but still quite formal. We use real language, when it is Icelandic it’s real Icelandic, no slangs. We talk like a farmer, old-fashioned.


I designed a logotype to go with their logo mark. They wanted to keep it in the rough viking style.


Ad in Eiðfaxi

This is an ad I created for Eiðfaxi (an equestrian magazine) The brief I got was (in short) to have it: “mysterious”
The goal was brand awareness.

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