Dashboard design

With data from marketing and low-fidelity wireframes provided by the UX designer, I designed a dashboard for Swiipe's users. To make the data as simple and easy to navigate as possible, I implemented a grid layout with floating boxes to provide clear separation between the data. Additionally, I included a line chart for revenue and refunds to give users a month-long overview

UI Redesign

The problem:
Plus-sell is a service that e-commerce websites can integrate into their 'Thank you page,' offering customers the opportunity to add to their order after their payment has been processed. The problem was that this page was not converting so I was asked to redesign it.

My review

1, The UI does not match the rest of the website
The problems I identified on the page were mainly:
Swiipe defined the styling of the page, meaning that the look of the buttons and how the products are shown does not match the page it is on. This risks the customer believing this is something else, not directly related to the site they were on.
2, The Swiipe ad takes up quite a lot of space.
Right after the order confirmation Swiipe advertises their own service. Because this stretches over the whole page, we might risk customers that do not think this is relevant to them stopping their navigation of the site there. That would mean they do not pay attention to the products below.
3, The headline above the products is not clear
The colour of it is grey and not very eye catching. By having the headline centre aligned it might not be as noticeable since it does not match with the text above. That could mean the user would miss the headline, and mistake it for something that might not be relevant to them, like the Swiipe ad above.
4, The products are very cramped together
Not only do the products not match the website it is on, they are also very cramped together on the left side of the page.

The solution

1. Fetch the main colour, type and button style from the website.

2. Moving the Swiipe ad in the corner to show it is something extra. Asked the copywriter to change the headline into something more "remember me" focused rather than "use Swiipe"

3. Making it a clear section with the use of a light background colour

4. Give the products more space and fetch the styling of the products from the websites.

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